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I had your E-Z Steer installed on my '29 C/C Model A pick up truck a few days ago, and I can't believe the huge difference it makes. Previously, at 40-45 mph, I was herding it down the road, and now I can actually drive it and feel extremely comfortable knowing that I have full control as to what lane I am in rather than "A" dictating what lane it wants. I thank you very much for the attention to detail and the quality craftsmanship you provide with your product. I highly recommend it to any "A" owner.

Chuck Roberts
Clovis, New Mexico

I would like to say it was well worth the wait. My new steering box went in just as your brochure said, "bolt in". I had no clearance problems. It bolted in perfectly. The best thing is that it has put the fun and enjoyment back into driving my Model A. Parking is also much easier. I have enclosed some other club members who are interested in contacting you for a group discount. I have given them your address.

Thank you again from a satisfied customer,
Bill, Missouri

We are really happy with the 1st one. What a difference. Now Mom will enjoy driving her Model "A".

Bob and Jean Scheitlin

Hello fellow Model A-ers:

I'm writing this not because John asked me to, but because he and his product deserve the recognition. I own a 1931 Model A coupe, and I purchased one of his new steering boxes for that vehicle. Throughout the process, John was more than willing to answer my questions, resolving completely any concerns that I had.

When the unit arrived, it installed as easily as his advertising indicated. When I took the car out for its first run, I found that the steering was excellent. I replaced a very worn original box, and I'm impressed with how easy it is to steer the vehicle now.

I also own a 1931 truck with a modified F100 steering box. John's unit works equally as well as that unit does. The biggest advantage to the EZ Steer is that it's a bolt in product made with entirely new pieces. It ends the machine work, rebuilding, and the concerns about having a welded steering shaft in the car. When an inadvertent problem arose, I contacted John and he provided a remedy, even though the problem had nothing to do with the manufacture/performance of his steering box. He definitely stands behind his product. If you are considering purchasing one of his EZ Steer boxes, I can highly recommend it. It sure beats the heck out of Ford's original "arm-strong" steering.

Robert Columbia Basin Model A Club

I have received and installed my new "E-Z Steer" box in my 1928 Phaeton.

It was an extremely easy installation. Out of curiosity I took the cover off and looked inside. Everything I saw is high quality.

My biggest problem was finding some STP. I got frustrated looking for the old round can of the Andy Granatelli days - they have changed the packaging to a blue plastic bottle.

This new product is all that you claimed it is!

I no longer have to use brute force to turn the wheel for maneuvering into the garage or parking. One hand deal!

It is now so EZ to steer! Catch the pun?

Satisfied Customer - February 2009

In all seriousness, thank you for a great product.

I also appreciate the personal service you provide in answering questions when I call.

You can expect an order for my 29 Roadster Pick-Up truck next.

Also, if any of you potential customers want to ask a "user" any questions I am available to help promote your great product.

Richard Brough
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

I have installed one of your EZSteer units in my '29 pickup truck. Before installation it took me two hands to get around the corner. Now I can do it with one hand. Like you say in your literature I now have power steering. As a result I would like to purchase an EZSTeer for my 1930 model a coupe.

Al Schultz
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

I knew I had a problem with the steering in my 1930 Model A Cabriolet, because turning a corner required holding in the clutch and using both hands to turn the wheel, and once around the corner focusing on shifting. Ladd Eaton, Tree Top Auto, told me last Spring the steering box probably needed to be rebuilt or replaced. These two options were being consider when I learned about your new unit called E-Z Steer, a completely new steering box designed for 1928-1931 Model A's. My Cabriolet is a driver, so I decided to have Ladd install an E-Z Steer unit.

As a "Lady A" driver, I wanted to enjoy driving and worry less about the steering box. Ladd explained to me that the unit had much less chance of wearing out because of its built in features of bearings instead of bushings and modern seals instead of gaskets. For me, the investment meant worry free driving. The wheel turns easily (because of its 17 to 1 ratio) enabling me to turn the wheel and shift simultaneously on any corner.

Since the steering unit was replaced, driving my Cabriolet has been a pleasure whether its running downtown to the post office, going to the grocery store, or traveling with some club members to Booth Bay Harbor, Maine. I will be driving it to the 53rd New England Model A Meet in Laconia, NH and to the National Model A Meet in Canada in 2010. It has been a pleasuring driving since I had the steering replaced.

Sincerely yours,
Irene Ladd
Melvin Village, New Hampshire

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