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E-Z Steer for '32-'34

All component parts are made in the U.S.A.!

Group of all American made internal parts

New sector shaft before and after machining

A new pitman arm is included with a stainless steel acorn nut and washer

Guaranteed For Life!

  • This unit is all American made and guaranteed for life!
  • Hot rod finned end cap or resto rod end cap with light switch mounting adaptor.
  • Correctly sized to fit either original '32-'40 steering tubes or optional stainless steel polished tubes.
  • Comes with a 6" stub shaft or optional longer shaft for resto rod style.
  • Frame flange fits in any 2½" or larger

Since first building parts at the V8 Shop in the '60's, my goal was to build the best parts at the most reasonable price. I accomplished that by producing the '32-'34 running boards and the '34 grill. My goal now is to make a complete steering system for the '32-'34's with component parts (rebuilding kits) up to '56 pickup. Our '32-'34 boxes are now on the market and are doing very well. Our model A Steering systems were introduced at Hershey 2008. We have sold over 800 of those units. Our new '32-'34's are patterned after the old favorite the '56 steering box. We have incorporated the same gear ratio of 18 to 1 whereas the original ratio was 13-15 to 1 (depending). This box is cast from T356-T6 heat treated aluminum. Our box features American made gears made for us a by a gear company in Chicago, Illinois which have been machined and hardened from the original Ford blueprints. Our pattern shop and foundry are within one half hour of my shop. I have designed the patterns for the steering box so that the sector shaft is shortened up and the box sits in close in the frame rail. This gives the extra needed clearance for the exhaust. The steering box has fins running all around it for three reasons. For looks, to dissipate the heat, and for strength. The box comes with it's own pitman arm which has a tapered hole at the bottom. It is keyed to fit over the sector shaft. It is reversible so that the drag link can be mounted to the inside like a '32 or on the outside like a '34. It is held on to the sector shaft with a polished, stainless steel acorn nut and washer. The end cap on the bottom of the steering box is held on with four bolts, as original.

We offer two different styles. One comes with fins on it. The other style is flat and it has the adaptor on it to accommodate your stock light switch housing. It also comes with a no-drip oil tube that goes up in the box to keep the oil from dripping our. This steering assembly comes with two different styles of steering shafts. The economy version comes with a 6 inch stub shaft.

This style is popular for the guys who want to run a universal joint and/or a tilt column, etc. The other style steering shaft can either come in the stock '32 length which is approximately 40¾ inches long, or 42 ¼ inches for stock '33-'34 length. The hold through the center of the steering shaft is designed to accommodate the stock light switch rod. The three bolt flange on the box that mounts to the frame is machined to the correct angle for a stock dash and column drop. If your car has anything but a stock dash and column drop, it would be best to order the steering box undrilled at the flange mounting area. This way you need not have to elongate the stock three holes. Another feature of our E-Z Steer box is having two sets of caged needle bearings (as shown in the sector shaft picture) around the sector shaft for extra ease of steering. The box is sealed where the sector shaft comes out with a modern lip seal. The original boxes had a cork seal. For extreme clearance problems, I offer a side plate (facing the motor) with no fins. It is flattened out to give approximately ½-¾ inch more clearance. It is free at any time if you should need it. The top of the box where the upper steering tube slides over is machined to accept your stock '32-'34 steering tube which is the same up to '48. I make a special steering tube out of polished stainless if you should need it. Each of my units are assembled with stainless steel button head hardware. Also included are the three that hold the box to the frame. Here at E-Z Steer, we have only a small shop. We make all of our pieces and parts other than the worm and sector roller. Again, everything is totally U.S.A. made and assembled in the country where we live and work. I like keeping our fellow American working. I don't like imports of any kind nor do I like countries who dropped bombs on the U.S.

E-Z Steering installation instructions are very simple. Unbolt the old box, throw away, and bolt in the new! You will like this unit. I guarantee it!!


Unpolished, complete unit with a 6 inch shaft includes pitman arm and all stainless steel nuts and bolts kit. Mounting flange is drilled for either a '32 or '34: $600.00

Unpolished box with long shaft either a '32 or '34. This style is drilled for original 3 bolt style. Stainless Steel nut and bolt kit included: $650.00

New stainless steel upper tube in the stock length: $45.00

If you need a longer length than stock, just ask!

Shipping & insurance: $25.00

Pricing may change at any time. Best to call our E-Z Steer office. We accept personal checks! (Credit Cards coming soon!) Again, all of my boxes are double guaranteed. If you are not happy with them in any way I will even refund the return shipping. I hope I have covered all the basics. If you have any questions regarding your application, please give me a call. Thanks so much!

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