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E-Z Steer for '28-'31 Model A

After 14 months of extensive work and pattern making, etc., we have built a completely new steering box for the '28-'31 Model A's. We copied the '56 pickup steering box and added many more modern features.

The '53-'56 pickup steering box, with it's 17 to 1 ratio, was designed to steer a loaded pickup truck, weighing as much as 5800 lbs. A Model A, weighing 1/3 as much, will steer like power steering!

The E-Z STEER box fits all '28-'31 cars and all size trucks.

New correct length shaft installed. There are four different shaft lengths in '28-'31's.

The correct outer diameter is machined on the top of the box to accept the late '29-'31 steering tube. The '28-early '29 must use the adaptor provided.

Complete new steering box casting.

Two bolt bottom plate with all light switch mounting pieces included and assembled.

Sector housing is fitted with 2 sets of caged needle bearings. Turns effortlessly!

Correct angle machined to align box to the frame to give correct angle for upper shaft mounting.

Machined groove in box for modern grease seal.

Sector shaft with correct square and notch machined on the end.

Additional Instructions

  1. Warm up the oil (Use 80/140 wt. plus 3 oz. STP) on the stove. Pour it around where the shaft comes out of the top of the box. When the oil comes out of the small oil fill plug hole, you're good!
  2. Leave the 2 bolts which hold the box to the frame at thebottom very loose. Slide the upper steering tube down the box leaving the clamp loose. Install down over the box leaving the clamp loose. Install to the bottom of the wheel leaving a small space.
  3. Tighten up the brackets under the dash. Then tighten up the clamp steering tube to box.
  4. Lastly, bolt box to frame

Note: The E-Z Steer Boxes are adjusted and sealed before it leaves our shop. If this seal is broken, the guarantee is void! If you even think you have a problem, please give us a call first. Do not disassemble the box in any way before calling us first! Keep your shipping box just in case.

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